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About Us


Like many young professionals, I could not afford to get sick as an investment banker on Wall Street. We did not receive “sick days” and instead loaded up on as many vitamins and potential remedies we could, tried to hide our sniffles, and returned to our desk. So as soon as any semblance of a cold came about, I ran to the pharmacy, the health foods store and smoothie bar and filled up with vitamins, tablets and pills. These were never cheap runs.

There had to be a better way to hasten my recovery than a pharmacy cocktail of supplements. I started experimenting with flavors and ingredients to create a single shot that would fulfill all the vitamin and antioxidant requirements I had determined were most effective in getting me back on my feet faster. With the help of a food scientist and nutritionist, we were able to bottle this elixir into a shelf-stable shot. 

When 20 meals a week are consumed like this...

it's hard to stay healthy...

Why Me:

I’m from San Diego. Went to THE Arizona State University and then moved to New York to work 100-hour weeks on Wall Street. Five years into finance I decided to throw myself a retirement party and spent some time learning to “surf” in Costa Rica. I have been skinny dipping in Vietnam, kissed sting ray’s in the Cayman’s, spent a summer in a Buddhist temple in Japan, spent more of my life living out of hostels than I care to admit and generally partied my way across 30+ countries. Throughout all these journeys, I refused to let a cold slow me down. Now I want to help do the same for you.