A portion of proceeds will be donated to help with COVID-19 relief

You've Got Questions – We've Got Answers:

When should I drink the shot?

  • Take one as soon as the first sneeze, sniffle, or cough comes on. Or on your Sunday red-eye flight when you know Monday morning is going to hit you hard. And whenever you just don't feel like yourself.

For how many days should I take a shot?

  • At least the first three days of your cold when your immune system requires the biggest boost. Taking it throughout the duration of your cold will only help. And taking one everyday is a great way to keep your immune system strong!

Are you FDA compliant?

  • Yes! Revive Me is fully FDA-compliant for safety and adheres to all regulatory requirements for sale in the U.S. FDA compliance is not FDA approval. FDA approval is reserved for drugs making health claims. FDA-compliant for safety means we have satisfied all regulatory requirements to ensure our drink is safe and can be legally sold. Our manufacturing is conducted in an FDA-registered food-grade facility.

Do I need to refrigerate my shot?

  • No! We worked hard to make our drink shelf-stable, so you can take it on the go. Free up space in your fridge and rest assured, Revive Me is good for 6 months. It does taste great cold though. 

Are you a doctor?

  • Absolutely not. However, nutritionists, nurses, doctors, pilots, startup founders, washed-up athletes, and nerds were consulted on the formulation. 

Why is your logo orange if it doesn’t taste like oranges?

  • Orange represents vitality, energy, and health. An orange has 70 mg of vitamin C. Revive Me has 1,000 mg. The real question is why doesn’t our logo have more oranges?

Does your drink taste like a smoothie?

  • Nope. We focused on keeping the sugar content low, so the only flavor enhancer / sweetener is organic honey. Honey helps soothe a sore throat and contains healthy antioxidants. No artificial, orange sugar flavor here (looking at you unnamed soda brand).

How are you helping those affected by the coronavirus?

  • Health has always been our mission. Now more than ever. We are donating 1% of sales to Feeding America, a non-profit organization working to end hunger in the U.S. With school closures and massive layoffs, millions of Americans are relying on food banks. Feeding America is doing what they do best, ensuring the most vulnerable people in our communities get the food they need. I am proud to partner with them. This link further details their impressive response:

Feeding America - Coronavirus

If I have severe internal bleeding should I take the shot or go to the hospital?

  • Hospital! 


** If you have any other questions, comments, or feedback please email me directly at ryan@drinkreviveme.com